A valid passport is required at airport check-in. Passports should be valid for six (6) months after the scheduled return date (until at least September 4, 2022) to the United States. Obtaining a passport is the responsibility of the traveler.  Attendees with non-US passports should check with their local consulate to determine if a visa or other special documentation is required. For travelers without a passport, Ben Tire Guest Services highly recommends applying for an expedited passport to ensure its arrival prior to trip departure. Passport cards are not an acceptable form of identification for international air travel.

Please Note: It can take up to 16 weeks from the day an application is submitted to the day a new passport is received. Expedite service (for an additional $60) can take up to 12 weeks from the day an application is submitted to the day a new passport is received. These door-to-door timeframes include both processing times and mailing times.


Temperature during March in Los Cabos averages a low of 75° and a high of 84°. The region has an arid desert climate, and averages less than 0.1 inches or rain during the month of March.


Appropriate attire during the day is based on your activities. Evenings in the hotel are Resort Casual with the exception of the fine dining Ocate that requires Resort Elegant. The Welcome Reception and Farewell Dinner are both Resort Casual.

Resort Casual: Bermuda shorts, long pants or capris. Tennis shoes, flats and sandals are appropriate. No sleeveless shirts for men. No bathing suits. Ladies must wear a bathing suit wrap or cover-up.

Resort Elegant: A nice Sun dress, maxi dress, skirt, pant, jumpsuit, elegant beach sandals, or heels for the women. Long pants, collared shirt and close toe shoes for the men.

Packing List

Most people find the following items fundamental when traveling:

  • Passport
  • E-ticket receipts and flight itinerary
  • Program of Events booklet
  • Some cash in small bills
  • Credit or debit card(s)
  • Cell phone
  • House and car keys
  • Prescription eyeglasses or contacts, sunglasses
  • Medications
  • Camera
  • Liquids not exceeding 3oz.
  • 1 extra outfit

Luggage & Luggage Tags

Most airlines restrict passengers to 1 carry-on, 1 personal item (laptop, purse, backpack or briefcase) and two 50 pound suitcases - which may have an associated baggage fee. Please visit the individual airline's website to obtain the most up-to-date information regarding baggage allowances, restrictions, and fees.

Prior to leaving home, please attach the Ben Tire luggage tags, received in the pre-trip mailing, to each piece of checked luggage. These tags identify you as a Ben Tire guest to the travel staff at the airport and hotel and expedite the process of delivering your luggage to your room. We recommend you also place identification inside each piece of luggage, in the event exterior tags are lost during handling.

Car Rentals & Taxis

Car rental companies are available at the Los Cabos International Airport. When researching rental cars, please note that most insurance providers and credit card assurances do not extend to rentals in Mexico. While many companies offer very cheap daily rates, Mexico requires basic personal liability insurance to be purchased at the time of rental, which is $20/day at minimum. Regarding driving in the Los Cabos area, note that many streets do not have signs, and driving at night is not recommended in many areas.

Travelers are advised to only obtain a taxi through the hotel or official taxi rank, and not by hailing one on the street. US dollars and Mexican pesos are acceptable payment for taxis and most often credit cards are not accepted. It is recommended you negotiate your final destination prior to entering the taxi.

Hospitality Desk

Your Ben Tire Travel Staff will be available throughout the program and can be contacted by visiting the Hospitality Desk or through the hotel operator. The Hospitality Desk is located in the Groups Area. Our Hospitality and Activity Desks are staffed to assist you with recommendations for shopping, restaurants and sightseeing tips. Please do not hesitate to stop by daily with questions, to check the daily schedule of events or just to say hello.

Name Badges

Name badges are required at all Ben Tire sponsored events, including the Welcome Reception and Farewell Dinner. Badges will be in your Welcome Packet, which you will receive upon arrival.


Ben Tire will be sponsoring an activity for you and your guest on Tuesday, March 1st. The Ben Tire Hospitality Desk will be open daily with local travel staff available to assist you in booking other activities or sightseeing. Activities may also be arranged through the hotel concierge.


We strongly recommend you contact your cell phone provider to learn more about the international plans available to you, and if they will suit your needs. Calling directly from your hotel room may be extremely costly and will be at your own expense.

Time Zone

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is on Mountain Standard Time (MST) during our program.

9:00 AM - (PST) Los Angeles
10:00 AM - (MST) Denver
11:00 AM - (CST) Chicago
12:00 PM - (EST) New York

Departure Notice

All attendees will receive a personalized departure notice. Luggage collection time, departure time from the hotel, and flight information will be included. When you receive your depature notice, please review the information and ensure it is accurate. Group transportation in Mexico is strictly regulated and arranged based on this information, so it is vital to inform us immediately if your itinerary has changed.


Ben Tire provides gratuities for all hotel personnel, luggage handlers, ground transportation, and other service personnel at the events included in your program. Gratuities for meals and activities at your leisure are left to your discretion.


The local currency is the Mexican Peso (MXN). US dollars and Mexican pesos are accepted by many businesses in the Cabo area; however, change is only given in pesos. Oanda is a recommended currency converter:


We strongly urge you to leave valuables safely at home. Please utilize your in-room safe for expensive jewelry, your passport and extra cash.


Electrical voltage in Mexico is between 110-120 volts as in the US. Mexico uses Type A and B plugs, similar to the US. While an electrical converter is not considered necessary, we recommend reviewing all personal appliances (laptop, phone chargers, curling irons, etc.) to determine whether a converter or adapter is required.


Phone: (978)-792-5150

Toll Free: (866)-535-8600